CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School Outwear Collection

Introducing the official CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School outerwear garments for our students, staff and alumnae. This is a set of two fine-quality garments designed with inputs from members of our extended St Nicholas family.

o School Crest Embroidery Full Zip Cotton Hoodie (left)

o School Crest Embroidery Cotton Cardigan Sweater (right)

For CHIJ St Nicholas girls from 6 years old

Both styles are now available in these sizes:

Made of cotton, the designs are specially crafted to meet the practical and aesthetic needs for two distinct styles of outerwear that complement our school uniform. Inspired by the essence of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, our history and tradition, the design team also wanted to create styles that accentuated the timelessness of the classic CHIJ school uniform.


Besides serving to strengthen our school identity, it is our intention that the garments will heighten the sense of belonging to our school, and enhance the sisterly bonds among our girls. The designs are also developed to be in line with our school vision of nurturing Girls of Grace.


We believe our girls will enjoy the choice of wearing either garment to suit different occasions.